Women Sister Circles

Find the Tribe that matches your Vibe

I love the woman I am, because I fought to become her.

Inviting women on a powerful journey that starts by going deep within your feeling self; only to emerge from your core depth to embrace your powerful nature to create, nurture and transform anything and everything.

The 2 hour sacred power circles are a gentle, easily adaptable introduction to the healing space of women circles, focusing on the progressive embodiment experience. A unique inward journey of discovery, deep release, realignment and self-empowerment. Each circle will be a unique sensory experience with information for the brain, sharing’s from the heart, movement for the body, space to deepen the breath, time for reflection and exercises for deep release.

When we are in circle conversations, we agree to:
• Let one person speak at a time.
• Speak only from our heart and from our own experience.
• Listen with respect, compassion and curiosity.
• Meet with discernment instead of judgment.
• Hold stories or personal material in total confidentiality.
• Be willing to discover and explore, noticing patterns.

Do you feel called to join no more than eight other women in a sacred & safe space to heal, nurture and express your extraordinary self? Monthly offered are a circle on a Thursday evening and a Saturday late morning. For bookings click here.

In loving memory of my granny
(3rd from left in WWII)