Vibrational Balancing

Rebalancing the flow of ever present life force energy (charge)

Receive a whole-body ‘tuning’ – from feet to crown – to slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body from dis-ease to complete relaxation.

This service is uniquely tuned to you as individual and your energetic needs using sound, vibration and energy and aims to shift the electromagnetic energy or charge in your biofield to address the root causes of pain, anxiety, sleep and digestive issues, and much more…

It further helps amplify your resonance for self-love, a greater sense of peace and freedom, and more playfulness, lightness, and vitality.

The higher the vibrational balance, the more resilient and resourceful you are and the more likely you are to feel good and heal faster.

All sessions take place on a massage table in a warm, quiet and private room to promote complete relaxation and the sessions are combined with Reiki, Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystals and Body Tuning Forks, later vibrate at the solfeggio frequencies.

Karen is a certified Reiki Master & Teacher of Usui / Holy Fire Reiki.

Benefits of this Relaxation Alignment

  • Relieves stress, anxiety & insomnia
  • Releases toxins & stagnant energies
  • Decreases pain – arthritic & chronic
  • Promotes relaxation & natural healing
  • Increases recovery – surgery & injury
  • Reduces side effects – medication, chemotherapy & radiation

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