Human Bioenergetic Nature

Raising our voltage

While energetic and frequency modalities have been used by human beings for millennia, this is also a new and exciting scientific field loaded with technological advances that are literally changing lives every moment. Bioenergetics is leading the way in our thinking about medicine and health. The human biofield and it’s electrical nature is a vital component to creating and sustaining health. Our charge is a brilliant network of electrical and chemical signals that make up our experience of life. And our bodies are always communicating to us, even if we are unaware. Many times, we aren’t aware until we experience unpleasant or unwanted symptoms – physical, mental or emotional in nature. 

When our brain and nervous system go into stress mode or get stuck in the stress mode, we can still be functioning fine, but it can cause systemic chaos that can lead to an undercurrent of subtle electrical and chemical changes with a complicated ripple of life-altering effects.

  • Disrupting the complex human hormonal balance
  • Causing degeneration within the immune system, digestive system and  reproductive system 
  • Accelerating inflammation, pain, weight gain, exhaustion and chronic disease
  • Becoming oversensitive to the perception of threats
  • Fueling irrational thoughts and behaviour, as well as a desire for control and instant gratification
  • Triggering unwanted behaviour loops, addictions and eating disorders
  • Altering a healthy belief system and sense of self
  • Bringing on inappropriate emotional reactions, such as bursts of anger, periods of apathy, depression, sadness, anxiety, and chronic fear
  • Generating a sense of vulnerability, dissociation and isolation

But the moment we start taking charge, we can reverse it’s effects by relaxing the system, retrain the stress responses and align on the deepest level of communication. Are you ready to fine tune your body and health journey?

  • Bioenergetic stress release and reduction sessions with the SCIO bioresonance device help retrain the nervous system. More here.
  • Vibrational Balancing with biofield tuning offers deep relaxation and release with a sound and frequency attunement. More here. 
  • NLP Coaching helps connect us to our subconscious programming and brings awareness with the emotional language. More here. 
  • Woman Connect talks, workshops and circles offer a deeper connection on all levels. More here.

More about all services and fees here.