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Anxiety, stress and overwhelm is on the rise and depression is predicted to soon be the second leading cause of disease. Short term stress can energize us, motivate us and keep us safe! It can push us to overcome adversity and evolve to being more resilient. But unresolved and repetitive stress is toxic, hijacking our ability to experience deep peace and joy in life and accelerating the degeneration of our bodies! Causes are not the immediate external triggers we perceive, but core internal conflicts and self limitation.

Even low grade ECA Early Childhood Adversity and Trauma (which most of us have experienced) can flip the stress-switch permanently to “on”, causing the healthy mind-body connection to disrupt.

And while stress and overwhelm relates to everyone, some of us are by nature more susceptible to overload – as 1 in 5 have the genetic trait of heightened sensory awareness, sensitivity and reactivity to their environment (yes, this is a thing!) – HSP/Highly Sensitive Person/Empath.

And when unsupported or not understood, this sensitivity can wreak havoc in the experience of life, leading ultimately to disconnection, a sense of powerless, hopeless and exhaustion with an ever shrinking comfort zone to the point of chronic illness, isolation and depression.

Having mental and emotional triggers, we often forget that stress is primarily a physical response and under prolonged stress, the body becomes vulnerable and more susceptible to illnesses of all kinds, but especially chronic pain/disease, autoimmune/allergy issues and gut/hormone imbalances. And it is a silent decline as with increased exhaustion the body adapts to the warning signals and symptoms subside. More about physical, mental and emotional symptoms here.

But beyond that, stress alters our mental reaction, our emotional experience and our outlook on life. The paradox lies in our initial motivation to accept and endure stress, in order to gain a higher quality of life; whereas living in high stress we actually sacrifice the essential quality of life.

All services offered help to relax, release stress and realign on the deepest levels.

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