From wired & tired to calm & productive

Pain, inflammation or illness in our body indicates an imbalance or stress in our mind-body system; as does an extreme mental reactivity, neurological diversity or emotional sensitivity. 

Key to restoring physical, mental or emotional health is our complex immune intelligence or as the modern medicine is naming it: our PsychoNeuroEndocrine Immune Web. In this vast intelligent web our Autonomic Nervous System plays a big role regulating the subconscious responses and programs of our body. It is called autonomous because it is out of our conscious control. Our intentions and thoughts CAN’T influence or change it. Simply put it’s imbalance and reactivity can “hijack” our mind, our body and our quality of life, leaving us feeling unhappy, exhausted and powerless. But with understanding comes new hope…

Cause of these changes are stress and internalised trauma – especially when experienced in early childhood. Experiences that created uncomfortable emotions, thoughts, beliefs or behaviours – but are NOT completely felt or dealt with in the moment – are stored in our body creating tension and distortions. Unresolved the effects are subtle at first, but progressively degenerative.

The autonomic nervous system fulfills its role as internal communicator with biochemical processes, but only after the initial electrical (bioenergetic) transmission, which is in fact it’s superior nature. By targeted bioenergetic relaxation and re-programming, we can reset the system and restore good health, a real sense of control and happiness.

This progressive embodiment process restores our sovereignty over our mind and body – a most fundamental human need – freeing us to create a life in accordance to our hearts desires.

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Our bioenergenic services include:

  • Bioenergetic stress reduction sessions with the SCIO bioresonance device help retrain the nervous system. More here.
  • NLP Coaching connects us directly to our subconscious programming and offers awareness and release of imbalances. More here. 
  • Vibrational Balancing with biofield tuning offers deep relaxation and release with a sound and frequency attunement. More here. 
  • Woman Connect talks, workshops and circles offer a deeper  connection on all levels. More here.

More about all services and fees here.